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NCARS Race in the Park is this weekend at Lake Norman State Park
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If you have an adventurous attitude and are reasonably fit,
then you can be an adventure racer.
We aim to provide our racers truly challenging courses, keeping with original foundations of
adventure racing as much as course areas allows, and having strategy and team work play roles in all races.

Races will require teams of 1-4 racers to read and follow maps in order to navigate the course together.

Race directions will allow teams to choose their course at times based on their specific race strategy.  Adventure
racing is not a set race course, such as a triathlon or road race where the distance and route of the course is pre-set,
although it could have sections that are a pre-established route.  Races often include sections specifically designed
for mountain biking, trail running/hiking and some sort of transportation in/by water.  Each of these sections should
be a significant (20-25% minimum) portion of the time a racer is on the course.  The course will also contain challenges
specific to the race site location such as rappelling/ropes course, caving, obstacle course, etc.
With your help  as a racer, work from our volunteers and sponsors over the years NCARS has had success in providing
not only interdictory events to the sport, but also producing one of the hardest races on the east coast with
the 26.2 Hour race in and around Table Rock, NC.

NCARS invites you to choose your own path!

Adventure Racing allows you to choose how far you can go. Race courses will often have more points/flags
out on a course then can be gathered in the provided time. This is why strategy, knowing you and your team
strengths makes AR different.


Poke around this site to register, help as a volunteer, sponsor, learn about adventure racing, or see some
great photos and video… Then quit reading and get out on the trails!

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